"A remarkable series of chamber music discs" (Musical Opinion, Proms edition 2011)

Christine Croshaw’s recordings include albums with the American flautist Mark Thomas for Golden Crest Records, recently reissued on CD, and a series of CDs with Meridian Records of solo piano and chamber music of the 19th Century. Featuring artists including French horn player Stephen Stirling and clarinettist David Campbell, these discs are frequently heard on BBC Radio 3 and Classic FM. A CD of solo music by Fauré will be released in 2013.


Gabriel Fauré
CDE 84636

Gabriel Fauré
Music for Piano

Christine Croshaw - Piano

Gabriel Fauré - Ballade Op.19


CDE 84433

Camille Saint-Saëns Music for Piano and Cello & Piano

Christine Croshaw - Piano; Christina Shillito - Cello

Camille Saint-Saëns - Etude en forme de valse. Op 52 No.6

CDE 84388

CDE 84388

MOSCHELES: La Tenerezza, op. 51; Gigue, Op. 58; Pastorale; Grande Étude, Op. 126; La Forza, Op. 51; Four Divertimenti; Sonata Concertante, Op. 44

Christine Croshaw: Piano; Clive Conway: Flute.

Ignaz Moscheles: La Forza - Christine Croshaw (piano)


CDE 84383

Grand Sonata Op.65; Allegro, Larghetto con un poco di moto, Rondo-Moderato assai; Piano Sonata Op. 70 (le Retour à Paris); Allegro non troppo ed espressivo, Molto adagio con anima ed espressime, Tempo di Minuetto. Scherzo quasi Allegro, Finale. Scherzo Allegro con spirito, Piano Quartet Op. 41. Allegro moderato, ma con fuoco, Adagio espressivo, Finale. Allegretto ma espressivo e moderato

Susan Lynn: Violin; Norbert Blume: Viola; Christina Shillito: Cello; Christine Croshaw: Piano; Clive Conway: Flute.

Jan Ladislav Dussek: Grand Sonata in F Major for Flute, Cello and Piano Op.65 - Clive Conway (flute), Christine Shillito (cello), Christine Croshaw (piano)


CARL CZERNY Chamber Music
CDE 84310

CZERNY: Duo Concertante Op.129; Allegro, Scherzo - Allegro molto, Andantino grazioso, Rondo - Allegretto;Introduction, Variations Brillantes et Rondeau de Chasse Op.202; Introuzione - Andante con moto, Theme - Allegro non troppo, Variation 1, Variation 2, Variation 3, Variation 4, Variation 5 (Minore), Finale (Rondo à la chase) - Allegro Vivo; Rondo Facile et Brillante Op. 374 No.3; Chanson Sans Paroles Op. 795 No.1; Grande Serenade Concertante Op. 126. Introduzione - Adagio, Theme - Allegretto grazioso, Variation 1, Variation 2, Variation 3 - Poco sostenuto, Variation 4 - Vivace ed energico, Variation 5, Variation 6 (Minore) - Sostenuto quasi Andante, Variation 7 (Maggiore) - Molto vivo e brillante, Adagio, Finale - Allegro vivace con fuoco.

Clive Conway: Flute; Christine Croshaw: Piano; Stephen Stirling: French horn; Nicholas Bucknall: Clarinet; Christina Shillito: Cello

Carl Czerny:Grande Serenade Concertante Op.126 Variation 7 - Stephen Stirling (French horn), Nicholas Bucknall (clarinet), Christine Croshaw (piano), Christina Shillito (cello)


WEBER Music for Flute, Piano, Clarinet and 'Cello
CDE 84260

WEBER: Trio for Piano, Flute and Violoncello, Op. 63; Allegro moderato, Scherzo Allegro vivace, Schäfers Klage Andante espressivo, Finale Allegro, Seven Variations on a Theme from Weber’s Silvana for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 33; Sonata in A flat for Flute and Piano, Op. 39; Allegro moderato con spirito ed assai legato, Andante, Menuetto Capriccioso - Presto assai, Rondo - Moderato e molto grazioso, Variations on an original theme for solo piano, Op. 9.

Clive Conway: Flute, Christina Shillito; Cello, David Campbell: Clarinet, Christine Croshaw: Piano

Carl Maria von Weber: Seven Variations on a Theme from Weber's Silvana Op.33 - David Campbell (clarinet), Christine Croshaw (piano)


HUMMEL Chamber Music Vol. 2: Flute Sonata in D major, Op. 50; Sonata in E flat major, Op. 5, Sonata in A major, Op. 64.
CDE 84236

HUMMEL: Chamber Music Vol. 2: Flute Sonata in D major, Op. 50; Allegro con Brio, Andante, Rondo; La Bella Capricciosa Op. 55; Sonata in E flat major, Op. 5; Allegro moderato, Adagio Cantabile, Rondo con moto; Rondo-Fantaisie Op. 19; Sonata in A major, Op. 64. Allegro con garbo, Menuetto moderato, Rondo.

Clive Conway: Flute, Norbert Blume: Viola, Christine Croshaw: Piano

Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Sonata in Eb Major for Viola and Piano Op.5 - Norbert Blume (Viola), Christine Croshaw (piano)


HUMMEL Chamber Music
CDE 84217

HUMMEL: Trio for flute, cello and piano, Op. 78, Introduction. Cantabile, Variations: Theme, Variations Nos 1-7; Rondo Brillante for piano solo, Op. 109; Grand Rondeau Brillant for flute and piano, Op. 126; [4.1] Adagio e mesto, Rondo - Allegretto con moto; Grande Sonate for Cello and piano, Op. 104. Allegro amabile e grazioso, ROMANZA - Un poco Adagio e con espressione, RONDO - Allegro vivace un poco

Clive Conway: Flute, Charles Tunnell: Cello, Christine Croshaw: Piano

Johann Nepumuk Hummel: Rondo Brilliante Op.109 for Piano Solo - Christine Croshaw (piano)

Mark Thomas - Images

Golden Crest Records USA

Sonatas and music for flute and piano by Robert Schumann, Emma Lou Diemer, Andre Previn. Alfred Reed and Everett .

Mark Thomas: flute, Christine Croshaw

Mark Thomas - Sounds of Gold

Sounds of Gold
Golden Crest Records USA

Sonatas and music for flute and piano by Jean Baptiste Loeillet, Jacques Ibert, Maurice Ravel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Benjamin Goddard, Alexandre Tansman and Stephen Sondheim.

Mark Thomas: flute, Christine Croshaw

Mark Thomas - Contrasts

Golden Crest Records USA

Sonatas and music for flute and piano by JS Bach, CPE Bach, GF Handel, Benedetto Marcello, Claude Debussy and Andre Jolivet.

Mark Thomas: flute, Christine Croshaw