"Christine Croshaw's Fauré sampler offers some of the most accessible pieces from his most representative genres. It's a program that could serve as a fine introduction to his piano music.
The Ballade is Croshaw's most substantial offering and the highlight of the disc; a splendid, glittering work brought to life in a detailed, technically supple performance. I'm more familiar with the Ballade in its version for piano and orchestra in recordings by Alicia de Larrocha and Grant Johannesen, but Croshaw'sperformance reminded me that the solo version is a masterpiece.
Croshaw's playing meets the demands of Fauré's distinctive, often elusive style of piano writing. Her phrases are beautifully shaped without excessive lingering, her voicing is clear, but not exaggerated, and her naturally flowing tempos are perfectly gauged. These recordings are comparable in quality to Angela Hewitt's and Jean-Philippe Collard's."
Fanfare magazine (USA), Recommended Recording of the month July/August 2016

"Elegant melodic shape with just the right balance of expressive flexibility. I feel a palpable emotional journey at work, and plenty of subtle imagery always close to hand, if at times elusive in its constant changes of nuance.
Croshaw's attention to detail with shading and colour, inner voices and Fauré's restless conversation between soprano and tenor ranges make for compelling listening, creating a world of theatrical illusion so effective that all of the mechanical props of technique are forgotten... performances that create a potent atmosphere right down to the brief transcription [Percy Grainger] of Après en Rêve which appears almost as an encore, but leaves us wanting more." Musicweb International, September 2016

"A while ago, Gustav was asked to listen to the recordings of Christine Croshaw: a British pianist, who is now in her 70s. One of her recordings include one of the piano trios by Hummel and some other fine compositions by Hummel which are not often heard, such as a Grande Concertante for flute and piano, a beautiful cello sonata and a Rondo Brillante for piano solo (Op. 109). Christine's performance is a pure delight. She has a wonderful touch, an excellent technique and shows great musicianship. She also recorded an eminent Saint-Saëns CD and will be recording Fauré."
Gustav Alink / Martha Argerich: Alink-Argerich Foundation, March 2012

"A most gifted pianist"
Musical Opinion, Proms edition 2011

"The opening piano work on this first-class collection, the Allegro Appassionato Op. 70, is quite captivating, and played by Christine Croshaw with the lightest touch. The Suite for Piano looks back affectionately at the Baroque era. After its arrestingly strong Prelude and Fugue, its three movements have an appealing melodic elegance, with the spiccato closing Gigue played with an infectious bounce.
Croshaw is a first-rate artist, as her musical characterisation fully demonstrates. Excellent recording throughout...most rewarding.."
Ivan March, Gramophone, January 2012

"Yet it is the artists to whom we always owe a debt and in particular Christine Croshaw. Hers is playing almost of another age, belonging to a musical mind with a real sense of direction and purpose, yet executed in a manner most fluid and colourful, often flamboyant and at times incredibly beautiful."
Musical Pointers 2011

"Her nuanced, revelatory pianism seems almost outside of time in its understated eloquence, and in a way the chosen repertoire is perfectly suited. Her artless poetry at the keyboard is evident in Saint-Saëns' retro, and magical, Piano Suite, for example. Her athletic legerdemain in Hummel's Rondo Brillant in B minor seems undiminished in the hugely strenuous Etude en forme de Valse in D flat or the Allegro Appassionato op.70 of her Saint-Saëns recital."
Musicweb International, January 2012

"The impressive pianist was Christine Croshaw"
Tim Homffay, The Strad

"Engaging elegance, brio and flourish. Excellently played"

"Flamboyant playing"
The Telegraph

"Everything sparkles with exuberant life...elegant playing"
BBC Music Magazine

"All tuneful music played expertly by Christine Croshaw"
Christopher Fifield, Musicweb International