NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)

NLP was created in the 1970’s as a way of identifying how people were able to excel in various fields – business, sports, therapy, the arts and many others. By finding out how the minds of great achievers were working, the creators of NLP have uncovered many of the structures of human excellence. Using NLP we can learn to understand how we create our own experience and behaviour.

Our experiences as performers are made up of the patterns of our thoughts and feelings, and the beliefs on which those patterns are based. Different people have different experiences because of the way they organise experience at different levels. That is, your behaviour, what you feel, what you think, what you believe, and how all of these elements interact with one another, combine to create your particular and unique performing experience at any given moment in time.

This mix of context and relationship makes up the structure of the experience, and determines whether your performing experience is a positive, affirmative, creative one, or a negative, even traumatic one.  Experience can be changed if you wish. You have the choice. NLP can give powerful tools and techniques to make that change, enabling you to give the performance you are capable of – to perform at your best.

“You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs, and consciously plant the seeds for the future of your choosing. As you change your mind, you change your experience.”
(Serge Kahil King)